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CCP - Suppliers - Manually booking In Stock from a Purchase Order
CCP - Suppliers - Manually booking In Stock from a Purchase Order

Check stock in from a previously placed purchase order when it arrives at your warehouse.

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If you haven’t placed a purchase order but still want to check in stock, use the “Quick Purchase Order” function.

You can also use barcode scanners to check in your stock. Speak to your project manager if you require barcoding functionality (included in all Cloud Commerce Pro subscriptions).

1. Click the Suppliers button

To start the process click the “Suppliers” button.

2. Click into the supplier you wish to use

Click the supplier to open the supplier detail screen.

It is worth noting, if the PO exists, it will appear in the recent orders section so feel free to select the order from there if you see it. By doing this, you do not need to follow steps 3 and 4.

3. Supplier detail screen

You can see a full list of supplier orders previously created in here together with contact information and general terms for this supplier. Orders a denoted differently depending on different colours and symbols.

  1. Order is red means it has not ever been sent to supplier via email.

  2. Order is red but shows a Y in the Del. column which means the goods have been delivered. Maybe the order was telephoned to the supplier.

  3. Order is black meaning it has been sent but the Del. column shows “N” meaning it has not been marked as delivered in.

  4. Order is black meaning it has been sent and a “Y” in the Del. column also means it has been delivered to you.

  5. This order has been marked as cancelled.

4. Click into the purchase order order

To complete the delivery process, click on the order to load the order detail screen.

5. Click the Book in button

Click on the book in button to start the checking in process.

6. Enter the quantities

Enter the quantities that have arrived. Be careful to check the amounts carefully because at the end of this process your inventory will be updated with the new quantities.

These can be filled out for delivered, damaged or missing.

Once you are happy, you can press the save option.

Depending on what you have applied, this will either leave the PO open where you can book in the remaining as and when you receive, or you can close of the remaining stock

7. Auto fill the delivery

If you do not wish to manually enter the stock, you can use the auto fill option

This will look to fill all orders as delivered, missing or damaged. This can be useful if you have a lot of products and you know exactly what has been delivered.

8. Confirm if to close the order

You will be given an opportunity to either mark the order as complete, meaning you do not expect any further deliveries against this purchase order or you can say No to leave the order open for future deliveries.

The process is complete and your inventory and any listed sales channels will be immediately updated with your latest stock levels.

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