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CCP - Listing - Using Profiles to manage Amazon & eBay Listing Creation
CCP - Listing - Using Profiles to manage Amazon & eBay Listing Creation

This article will show you how to create a listing using the profile tool which helps to pre populate listing information

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This guide will take you through the process of creating profiles for Amazon and eBay listings.

1. Admin Centre

Click Profiles from the Admin Centre.

2. Profiles Page

The profiles page shows any profiles you have created previously.

1. You can edit an existing profile by clicking the pencil shaped button.

2. If you want to delete a profile, click the X button beside it.

3. In this case we want to create a new profile. Click the “Add Profile” button.

3. New Or Copy

1. You can create a copy of a previous profile. This is useful if you need to create a lot of similar profiles with only slight variations.

Click the drop down menu to choose which profile to copy and then press the “Copy” button.

2. To create a completely new profile click “On Product Listing”.

4. General Settings

The first page displays the general tab where you can fill in some information about your profile and set some basic options to determine its behaviour.

1. Give your profile a clear name to make it easily identifiable.

2. Add a brief description about your profile to remind you of its function.

3. Ensure the status box is checked as enabled. This function is useful if you ever need to disable the profile temporarily, rather than deleting it.

4. Set the running mode to “Exclusive profile”. This tells the system that we are using only the one profile for the criteria set. Additive profiles are also useful if you want to use a number of different profiles for the same criteria. If your profiles are set to additive, Cloud Commerce Pro will find matching profiles and run them in order for them to be listed in your control panel.

5. Click “Confirm” to save your choices.

5. Criteria

1. Click the “Criteria” tab. As this is a new profile, there are currently no criteria displayed for this profile.

2. Click “Add” to begin creating a new criteria set.

6. Criteria Type

Currently the only criteria type is “Product Focused”. As profiles are still in beta, more criteria will be added in the future such as “Customer Focused” or “Order Focused”.

Click “Select” under Product Focused.

7. Criteria Options

A new section will appear at the bottom of the window with various options for setting up specific criteria.

8. Criteria Options – Field

Click the drop down menu below “Field” to see a list of the various things that can be used to help point the profile to a certain element of a listing. What you choose depends on the kind of product you a listing.

For this example we will choose “Product Name”.

9. Criteria Options – Operator

Click the drop down box under “Operator” to choose one that represents the action required. Below is a summary of the less obvious operators:

> Greater than

< Less than

= Equal to

>= Greater than and equal to

<= Less than and equal to

Like with the field, what you use here varies widely depending on the nature of the profile you are creating. Generally the operators above would normally be used for numerical values.

If you want the criteria to be used when found, but not be a requirement, check the box for “Optional?”.

10. Value

1. This is the value that you want the criteria to point to. In this example we are making a profile for motorcycle products, so this will look for anything with “Motorcycle” in the title.

2. Click “Save” to confirm your choices.

More criteria can be added if needed by simply repeating the process.

11. Actions

1. Click the sales channel you want to add actions to for this profile.

2. Click “Add” to start creating actions.

12. Add Action

You will see a large list of possible actions for your profile. These actions will automate various parts of the listing based on the criteria you have set.

A common action for an eBay profile would be “Set Category”. This allows you to set an eBay category in advance that will apply to all listings that fit the profile.

Click “Set Category” to select it and continue.

13. Set Category Action

1. A search box will display at the bottom. Type in keywords related to the kind of category you want to use and the system will suggest various matches.

2. Select a category from the list.

3. Click “Save” to confirm your selection.

14. Completed Action

Your new eBay action will appear in the list showing basic information so you can identify one from another.

15. Add More Actions

Repeat the above steps to add as many actions as required.

Click the X besides an action to delete it if necessary.

Now you can list your items much quicker as a lot of the leg work is being done automatically.

For a detailed explanation of how to list products on eBay or Amazon, consult one of the guides below:

Profiles are an advanced feature and new rules and actions are being implemented, so if there is something you need please speak to the Cloud Commerce Pro support team who will be happy to discuss it.

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