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CCP - Reports - FBA Stock Locations Report
CCP - Reports - FBA Stock Locations Report

This guide will show you how the FBA stock locations report works in CCP

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Reporting on Amazon FBA Stock Levels across territories

You can use Cloud Commerce Pro to view your Amazon FBA stock levels across multiple territories and countries. This report can help you move stock around areas to avoid cross border fulfilment charges.

1. Click the Reports option

Click the reports option to access Amazon FBA stock levels report.

2. Select FBA Stock Locations

Select the option entitled “FBA Stock Locations” in the reports section.

3. Choose your account

Choose from your Amazon accounts. You may see one or more in here depending on if you only sell in Europe or in other regions as well. If you don’t see your Amazon accounts in here you may have to activate Amazon FBA reporting. See the section called Enable Amazon FBA warehouse Reporting.

4. Click to view report

Click the view report button to load the data.

5. View data across multiple countries

View your amazon FBA stock across multiple countries, in this case across Europe. This report helps you to identify where you might incur cross border selling charges, i.e. if you don’t have stock located in countries where you are making sales regularly.

There is a video to show the process here:

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