To enable Amazon FBA warehouse Reporting you need to enter the CCP configuration section. Following this process will enable daily automatic updates of your FBA stock levels to Cloud Commerce Pro.

1. Click Configuration

From your main menu click configuration.

2. Click Selling

Select the selling menu from the left hand pop out menu.

3. Select Amazon

Select the Amazon menu from the left hand side pop out menu.

4. Select FBA Sales Channels

Select the FBA Sales Channels menu from the left hand side pop out menu.

5. Enable each territory

You need to enable one country from each territory. For example if you are UK based or the majority of your EU sales come from the UK choose United Kingdom. All other EU countries you sell in will still be reported on.

Choose other territories primary country in the same way.

Reports will begin to be available in Cloud Commerce Pro from around 9.30am UK time the following day.

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