Cloud Commerce Pro can automatically set and maintain an artificial stock level on any sales channel.

We call this system Pseudo Stock. You can use the system to publish more stock than you hold (for items that you can get in quickly, perhaps) or to show lower levels than you carry, which can create urgency on some sales channels.

The Pseudo Stock system can be used on all channels, including trade channels. Your own inventory will remain accurate.

You can download and edit your Pseudo Stock file from the Products section of the Admin Centre.

From the Products screen, select Export, along the top of the page.

Below the Product Exports section you’ll see the Export Pseudo Stock button.

Clicking on the button will open a dialogue box with filter options. You can select All or filter by Channels, Suppliers, and Pseudo Types.

Cloud Commerce Pro will then generate a file according to your filters, and it will appear in a list below.

Hover over the Actions button for the completed download and select Download Spreadsheet.

Save the file to a location you’ve chosen on your computer, then open it up.
Depending on your computer, you might open this with one of several different programs. We’ve used Excel for the screenshots below.

There are two columns for each sales channel you have active.

The title of the column on the left will end in _Pseudo_Type. We offer several types of Pseudo Stock. You can select which to use for each product in this column. The title of the column on the right will end in _Pseudo_Stock.

Focus on the products and channels where you want to use Pseudo Stock.

Types of Pseudo Stock

0 - Psuedo Stock Off

Use this option to turn off pseudo stock for the product.

1 - Static

Static Pseudo Stock remains at the value you set it to no matter what. Every time your real stock value changes, your Pseudo Stock level will reset to your chosen value on channels with Pseudo Stock.

2 – Decrementing Regardless of Real Stock

Your Pseudo Stock will begin at whatever value you set. It will then count down with every sale made until it reaches 0, becoming unavailable until you update the figure.

3 – Decrementing Maintained by Real Stock

Your Pseudo Stock will begin at whatever value you set. It will stay at that value until the real stock value drops below your value, and will then count down with real stock values.

4 – FBA as Pseudo Stock

Use this option to tie your stock value on this sales channel to your Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) inventory. Note that you will still have to set the channel up to use FBA as the only fulfilment method.

Leave the values as they are for any products or channels you’re not changing, and change Stock Type appropriately.

In the example above, a client is creating artificial urgency for some of their products on their Amazon UK store. Amazon UK customers browsing their listings will see 10 in stock (or 50 for one item) so long as 10 (or 50, for one item) or more are in the client’s real stock. It will then count down with the real stock.

Once you’ve finished, save your file.

You’ll want to return to the Products section of the Admin centre to begin uploading.
As you might imagine, this time you want the Imports button.

There are lots of options for uploading here, but Upload Spreadsheet is the correct button.

Upload your chosen file.

Select the checkbox for your file.

Now scroll down to Step 21 – Pseudo Stock Import.
Select Import Pseudo Stock and Cloud Commerce Pro will take care of the rest.

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