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CCP - Product Manager – Creating a Product Range from existing Products
CCP - Product Manager – Creating a Product Range from existing Products
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This guide will take you through the steps necessary to create a new product range using existing products in the Cloud Commerce Pro Product Manager.

1. Admin Centre

Click “Product Manager” from the Admin Centre.

2. Product Manager

1. Use the extensive range of filters and search boxes to find the products you want to use for your new range.

2. Click “Apply” to use the parameters selected.

3. Selecting Products

1. Select all of the products you want to add to your new range by clicking on the product image. The product listing will change colour to indicate it has been selected.

2. Hover the mouse over “Actions” for more options.

4. Actions

From the drop down menu click “Create Range”.

5. New Product Range

1. Enter a new name for your product range. Remember, this is the name for a whole range of products, so it must relate to any and all of the products within the range.

2. Include a SKU code for your product range. You might already have a system to organise your SKU creation. If not, it is common to use the first few letters of the main product followed by a series of numbers. In the example above we have created a range for GoPro cameras and accessories, so the SKU for the range would be something like GOP01. You could then assign a SKU to each product to fall in line with this system such GOP02, GOP03 etc.

3. Assign a product type to your range using the drop down list of those previously created. If your new range does not fit any of those, use the separate field to create a new one.

4. If you added a product to the range by mistake, click the X beside it to remove it.

5. Click “Create Product Range” to continue.

6. Range Complete

Once complete, you will be returned to the Product Manager screen and your previous search. You can check your range created successfully as the new range name will appear for all the products previous selected.

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