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CCP - Add Products Manually to your Inventory
CCP - Add Products Manually to your Inventory
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Adding products manually to your inventory

This tutorial shows you how to create a new product in your Cloud Commerce Pro inventory.

Products can be created in the following ways:

1. By this wizard
2. By importing from a spreadsheet
3. By importing from Amazon, eBay or Magento

1. Click the Products button

Click on “Products” in the Main menu of your system.

2. Click the Add Range button

Click on “Add Range”. Every product has a range as a wrapper. If you need to create multiple variations of the same products but for example in different sizes you would add more products to the same range later.

3. Select the options you wish to re-use or add new ones

Tick the products options you wish to use with this range. You can reuse options created previously or add new ones. We can also set default product options for you if you use the same options over and over to save time. Speak to your account manager.

4. Now add your first variation (Product or SKU)

Click the “add Variations” button to create your product.

5. Give the product a name you will recognise and will be used for display purposes

Give the product a title and also either click to create a unique SKU or enter your preferred SKU. Please note you must use a unique value for each product in the SKU field. You cannot reuse SKU’s. Enter a description as required and a barcode or press the “Use Barcode” button to allocate one of your barcodes from your pool of available barcodes. These can be added in the configuration section.Click “Next” when complete.

6. Populate option values from the list or add new values

Set your option values for this SKU. You can select from previously used ones or add more values as required in the pop-up box. Click NEXT when complete.

7. Click next to create a single variation

Unless you are creating a multipack at this stage just click next. Multipacks are the subject of another tutorial entitled creating multipack products.Multipack products are products that are made up of several products. That is not the same as a product range i.e. Small, Medium and Large. A product range will be created by adding more single variations (SKU’s) to this range.

8. Enter your starting stock value

Enter a stock value and click next.

9. Enter base Price

Enter a base selling price. This is your default internal recommended retail price. When adding to sales channels later you can override this price.

10. Set supplier price if required

Enter a price you buy the item for from your supplier. If the supplier you require isn’t present you would need to exit the wizard and create the supplier in your Suppliers section. See the tutorial called Creating Suppliers.

11. Add Images

Add Images as required.Click next and then Finish to complete add this first variation to this range. If you do not need to add any further products, then you have completed the process. If you wish to add more products to this range, please repeat steps 4 to 11.

12. Add products to your sales channels

The product is now in your inventory. You can go to the Selling section or to Product Manager to add this product to a sales channel, for example Amazon, eBay or your website.See listing products tutorials for further details.

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