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CCP - Manually Adding Extra Costs to Products
CCP - Manually Adding Extra Costs to Products
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At Cloud Commerce Pro, we understand that not all products were created equal. Sometimes a small variation of a product can incur vastly different costs, such as extra postage fees or insurance costs.

It is important to add these extra costs so they can be factored into your sales reports to ensure you are calculating the profit on each item correctly. Also, if you are using the built-in re-pricing tool and want to use cost based rules, these extra costs are added to the initial cost of the item to make sure you don’t sell below your real cost price.

Thankfully, manually adding these extra costs is a quick and simple task.

If you would prefer to add the data in in bulk please consult the guide called Adding Extra Costs to Products in Bulk.


From your admin page, click “Products” in the Admin section.

Product Range List

Navigate to the product range that you need to edit.

Selecting A Product

On the product range screen, you can click the specific product that you want to add the extra costs to.

Product Variation

After clicking the product, scroll down the product variation page until you locate “Extra Costs”, located on the right of the page and click “Edit”.

Extra Cost Editor

A box will open that allows you to add extra cost data to this particular product.

Note, if you already had extra cost data setup for a product, it would appear here, as you will see later in the guide.

Click “Add” to begin entering extra costs to your product.

Cost Type

Click the drop down menu under “Cost Type” to bring up the options available.

Cost Type Continued

From the drop down menu you will have multiple options already available, as well as the option to add a new cost type by clicking “Add New”, which is explained in more detail below.

Add New Cost Option

After clicking “Add New”, a new box will open that will prompt you to enter a name for the cost option you are adding.

Click “Save” to add your new cost option to the system and return to the previous box. Add the new cost option from the drop down menu as shown in the previous step.


From the drop down menu below “Channel”, you can select which channels your cost applies to. You can either apply them to all channels or pick a specific channel from the list.

If you need to add the same cost to multiple channels but not all of them, you will have to add the cost for each applicable channel individually.

Adding A Value And Other Features

1. Use the button to toggle between price and percentage.

Enter your required value in the box provided. In this example 10 was entered for £10.00 or you could set it at 0.2 for 20p. If setting up a percentage simply enter the percentage you require in the text box such as 50 for 50%, for example.

2. Click save to finalise your options and return to the previous screen.

Extra Cost Editor Revisited

Your extra costs will now show in the extra cost editor.

Making Changes

1. From this screen you can change the cost type, channel and value of your existing extra costs quickly and easily.

2. Every time you make a change, a green bar will appear at the top of the screen with a message to inform you of its success.

3. This button allows you to copy the adjacent extra cost options. This is especially useful when creating multiple costs that are very similar.

4. Click here to delete that particular rule.

5. When you are done, click close to return to your product.


You can keep track of the extra costs applied to your item at a glance as they appear in summary on the product page under “Extra Costs”.

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