Set up and Configure Multi Label Printing

It is easily configured in 2 parts.

1. Log in

Log into you main account on and click the Configuration option (see below).

2. Select Packaging Types

Under the Shipping option select Packaging Types from the drop down menu:

3. Add New Packing Type

Click Add New Packing Type:

4. Enter Packing details

Complete as follows and click Save:

5. New Packing Option available

The new option will appear in the Packaging Types list. Click the Settings option:

6. Select Postage/Courier Method

Select the postage/courier method from the pre populated list and click Save.

The first part of the configuration is now done. This has now set up the option box for additional labels for items that meet the specific criteria and/or shipping rules.

Now we need to add the options to actually print the additional labels…

7. Add New Packing Type

Click the Add New Packing Type button again.

8. Complete Packing details

Complete as follows and click Save – the Name has changed to One Additional Labeland the Added Labels has changed to 1.

9. Click Settings

Click the Settings option.

10. Select Postage/Courier Method

Select the same postage/courier method as before (step 6) and click Save.

11. Add more Labels

Repeat steps 7 to 10, changing the Name and Added Labels boxes to suit the amount of labels you wish to print, name as follows:

12. Customer Order Awaiting Dispatch View

Once you have the desired amount of label options then these will now appear on the Customer Order Awaiting Dispatch screen under the details tab as a drop down option. They will only show on orders that qualify for the shipping services that have been selected for the additional labels:

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