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CCP - Creating Flat Files for Tuffnells
CCP - Creating Flat Files for Tuffnells

Create and upload flat files orders from Tuffnells in Cloud Commerce Pro

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This guide will show you how to create flat files for your orders being sent via Tuffnells, which you can then upload to them.

A flat file is a file containing records that have no structured interrelationship which can be easily read by systems as they contain only the data needed, without any word processing that might get in the way.

This is a great way to ensure Tuffnells are getting exactly the data they need to process your deliveries quickly and efficiently.

1. Admin Centre

Before you get started, ensure you have your shipping rules for Tuffnells set up. You can find a guide on creating and editing shipping rules here:

If you are confident your shipping rules are correct, click “Order Dispatch” to get started.

2. Order Dispatch

When you open the order dispatch page it will appear as above, populated by your various orders.

To easily locate your Tuffnells orders, hover your mouse over “Filters”.

3. Filters

In the drop down locate the “Courier” drop down.

4. Filters Continued

From the drop down list select the particular Tuffnells rule you want to filter for. You may have multiples, so be sure to check which you need beforehand.

5. Selecting Your Orders

When you isolate the orders you want to work with, click the check box beside them.

6. Multi-Order Dispatch

Hover the mouse over the “Actions” tab.

Click “Multi-Order Dispatch”.

7. Dispatch Operations

  1. Put a tick next to the operations you want to complete with the dispatch.

  2. Click “Dispatch Order(s)” to continue.

8. Confirmation

The system will pop-up a message to inform you that your dispatch was successful.

9. Pop-Ups

You may have your browser set to block pop-ups, which is the default behaviour of most browsers. If so you might get the message shown above. Don’t worry though, as you can simply click “Yes” to continue to your print queue where our flat file is stored.

10. Print History

Find the order you just dispatched in the list either by the order number or by looking near the top of the list.

Click “Save” to begin downloading your flat file. Depending on your browser settings, you will either be prompted to download the file or it will be saved to a default location.

11. The Flat File

The resulting flat file should look like the example above.

Upload this file to Tuffnells to complete the process.

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