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CCP - Manually changing the Shipping Service for an order
CCP - Manually changing the Shipping Service for an order

Modify your Shipping Service order configuration in Cloud Commerce Pro.

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Once Cloud Commerce Pro is configured properly your system should always select the correct Shipping Rule to match the delivery expectations of your customer and the sales channel. In some cases if you have not configured each scenario correctly or perhaps because you have agreed to upgrade the speed of delivery for the customer, you may need to manually select another shipping service. This guide shows you how to do this.

There is also a video guide here:

Click the shipping rule link on the currently incorrect service to bring up the manual shipping rule selector window.

Select the replacement rule

Select the service you wish to apply. Please note, you will only be offered a choice of services that are compatible with this order. For example, you will not be offered an under 1kg service if the total weight of the order is over 1kg. If you think services are missing, you may need to create new rules or modify existing shipping rules in your configuration. This is covered in another guide.

Non-matching shipping rules

You can also select and immediately use a non-matched rule and in future if you want to make it match this scenario automatically, you can hover over the non-matching rule and see why it didn’t match this time. Further there is another option to go directly from there to make the changes to your rules for better future matching.

CCP will confirm the rule

Once you have selected a new rule you will see a confirmation box.

The dispatch queue will show the updated rule

You will be returned to the dispatch queue and the new rule you selected should be updated in that view.

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