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CCP - Dispatch - Multi Order Stock Allocation
CCP - Dispatch - Multi Order Stock Allocation

Allocate new stock to multiple orders in your dispatch queue in Cloud Commerce Pro

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Multi order allocation allows you to allocate new stock to orders in your dispatch queue that don’t currently have stock allocated against them. Orders without stock show highlighted in red.

1. Head into the Dispatch queue

From the main admin centre, head into the dispatch queue

2. Click the Allocate Orders button

From the actions button, press the allocate orders button

3. Review orders that will be allocated

Once you have hit the allocate orders button, a window will appear with a number of options

From this page, you have the option to Auto increment stock which will apply the required stock amount against any orders that are out of stock

The box below will show which orders are outstanding or if they have been manually selected

There is also a dropdown field on the right which allows you to change orders from allocate to unallocated in bulk (Please note that you must have orders with stock selected with the tick box in the dispatch queue prior to doing this)

Press the complete button to confirm

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