Multi order allocation allows you to allocate new stock to orders in your dispatch queue that don’t currently have stock allocated against them. Orders without stock show highlighted in red.

This feature is useful if you take a delivery of stock and after the stock is checked in you wish to assign it to orders waiting automatically. You can also allocate stock manually if you prefer.

There is a video of this process here:

1. Order shown in red have no stock allocated against them

Orders that came in when you had no stock to fulfil them or orders sold using the Pseudo stock function will need stock allocating when it arrives in your warehouse. This can be done manually on an order by order basis for most control or you can use the multi order allocation function.

You do not need to select orders first for this process.

2. Click the Multi Order Allocation button

Click the Multi order allocation button in the actions menu. You do not need to select orders first for this process.

3. Review orders that will be allocated

The orders will be shown that need stock to be allocated. Orders where there is no stock still available will be ignored.

Press the complete button to allocate all stock as available.

4. Auto adjust and allocate stock

If you don’t have enough stock in your CCP inventory (or you know your stock is incorrect) you can still choose to allocate stock to orders by clicking the “Auto-Increment Stock” option. This will add enough stock to your inventory to allocate to the orders. This should of course be used with caution as it doesn’t mean stock is ordered from suppliers, or indeed really available. You are essentially overriding the CCP inventory.

5. Confirmation

You should see a dialog to confirm the updates. Click OK as required.

6. Order status changes

The orders should now turn from red to green and are ready to dispatch like other orders.

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