CCP - Printing Issues

Handy tips to check if you are having issues printing.

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If your printing issue isn’t resolved after reading this guide then please contact the support team.

1. Check for windows updates as this is the most common reason for printing issues. Also be sure to check for optional Windows updates if your problems persist.

2. Is PrintWatch running?

3. Do you have paper in the printer?

4. Is the printer in error state (paper jam, door left open, out of ink…)?

5. Are you logged in Cloud and PrintWatch with the correct credentials?

If you have a number of different PC’s that you print from, you will
often have a number of different PrintWatch installations.

PrintWatch operates by looking at the print queue and finding jobs that have been created by the same user ID.

If you are logged into CCP as PackStation1 you will need to be logged into PrintWatch as PackStation1, ensure the logins match EXACTLY as they are case sensitive.

6. If you are experiencing delays between print jobs check the time on you PC on this website:

If you are out of sync then this will cause a delay in reaching the server and result in slow printing times.

  • Windows 10: Start > Settings > Time & language > Date & time

  • Windows 8: Open clock display > Change date & time settings > Date & time

7. Check that your printer(s) is still registered on Printwatch

If your printer isn’t listed on the this screen, you will need to add again here.

8. If you find your prints have stopped, it is worth checking your Print Queue in Cloud Commerce Pro to see if another print job is holding everything up. For example, you might have accidentally sent an A4 document to your label printer which won't be able to print it.

In cases such as these, hover your mouse over "Actions" in the Print Queue and click "Cancel".

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