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CCP - 1-Click Batches - Removing An Order
CCP - 1-Click Batches - Removing An Order

Removing an individual order from a batch in order dispatch

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This guide will walk you through the simple process of removing an order from a batch in order dispatch while using Cloud Commerce Pro.

1. Admin Centre

From the admin centre in Cloud Commerce Pro click "Order Dispatch".

2. Order Dispatch

Towards the right of the Order Dispatch screen you will find a "1-Click Batch" button. Hover over this for more options.

3. 1-Click Batches

From here you can click "View Batches" to search for the batch that needs editing. Alternatively, if the batch was created recently it will appear in the list at the bottom.

4. Your Batches

After clicking the "View Batches" button a dialogue box will appear. The bottom of the page will display a larger list of your most recent batches. Up top you can search for specific batches using either key words, a date or a combination of the two. The search will narrow the selection with each word entered, with the results showing at the bottom of the box where the recent batches were previously displayed.

When creating batches it is important to give them unique and identifiable names to make finding them much easier when required.

Click the required batch to continue.

5. Removing Orders

Your batch will now display on the familiar Order Dispatch screen. To remove a particular order from the batch, first you must select it by checking the box beside it. Now you can navigate to the "Remove from batch" button and click to continue.

6. Confirmation

After clicking you will be presented with a dialogue box to confirm your choice. Take a moment to ensure you are removing the correct order from the batch to avoid unfortunate mistakes.

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