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CCP - Order Dispatch - Partial Dispatching
CCP - Order Dispatch - Partial Dispatching

Partially dispatching an order in Cloud Commerce Pro

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Sometimes when dispatching orders you may find that you don't have enough stock to complete them. However you might have enough stock to complete some of the order.

This guide will take you through the steps of partially dispatching an order in the Order Dispatch view in Cloud Commerce Pro.

1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre, click "Order Dispatch" to get started.

2. Order Dispatch

In the Order Dispatch view, navigate to the order you want to partially dispatch and click "Details".

3. Open Partial Dispatch

If you want to do a partial dispatch, but leave the order open so you can return to it at a later date and dispatch the rest, you can use the Partial Dispatch button.

Type in the number you want to dispatch in the box provided under "Disp" as shown below. Finally, click "Partial Dispatch" to confirm everything and dispatch it. Once complete you will be returned to the Order Dispatch screen.

As mentioned above, this will only dispatch that part of the order and leave the rest in your dispatch queue for you to come back to.

4. Closed Partial Dispatch

Alternatively you may want to do a partial dispatch, but close the order and cancel the other items. For example, part of the order might be out of stock and discontinued.

In this case you would add the amount you want to dispatch under "Disp" like in the previous step, but this time press the "Complete Order" button.

5. Choose Dispatch Action

Here you can choose to partially dispatch your order. Click the "Dispatch" button to dispatch the amount entered on the previous screen and return to the order dispatch screen.

Alternatively you can achieve the same by using the "Partial Dispatch" button as described in Step 3.

6. Order Dispatch

In order to cancel the remaining items, click the "Details" button for your order to drill back into it.

7. Customer Order

Now you are back in your partially dispatched order. Ensure the fields under "Disp" are set to zero and click the "Complete Order" button once more.

8. Dispatch Action - Cancel

When you came to the dispatch action menu previously, you might have noticed the "Close Order" segment was grayed out. This can be used now that you have no items selected.

Press the "Cancel" button to cancel the remaining items on the order.

9. Confirmation

You will be met by a pop-up to confirm you want to cancel the remainder of the order. After clicking "Yes" you will be returned to the Order Dispatch screen so you can see the order has now cleared.

Depending on the type of customer, a credit note may be generated at this point to be used to refund the customer for the cancelled items.

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