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CCP - Data - Changing Stock Levels In Bulk
CCP - Data - Changing Stock Levels In Bulk

Changing stock levels in bulk using spreadsheets in Cloud Commerce Pro

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This guide will walk you through the steps needed to update stock levels in Cloud Commerce Pro using spreadsheets via the product import / export.

If you are already familiar with the process of generating the required spreadsheets for use with the Cloud Commerce Pro importer, then you can skip to step 8.

1. Admin Centre

From the admin centre, click "Products" to continue.

2. Product Ranges

On the product ranges screen click "Exports".

3. Exports

Click "Export Products" to generate a fresh export of your inventory. It is important to work from a fresh export as often as possible to ensure you do not overwrite any recent changes. Once complete, the export will appear below at the top of the list. Hover your mouse over "Actions" to continue.

4. Actions

While hovering over "Actions" you will be presented with three options. Click "Download Spreadsheet" and save it to a convenient location on your device. It is worthwhile renaming the sheet at this point, so you can easily identify it from other sheets you might be working on.

5. Your Spreadsheet

Open your spreadsheet and navigate to the column titled "VAR_Stock". You can now manually adjust the stock level of any products before saving.

6. Product Ranges Continued

Now head back into Cloud Commerce Pro and the Products section from earlier. This time, click "Imports" to continue.

7. Imports

First, you need to get the spreadsheet back into CCP. Click "Upload Spreadsheet" and navigate to the sheet you made your changes on. Your new sheet will be added to the list below. If you don't see it yet, try refreshing the page. Now tick the box besides your newly uploaded spreadsheet to let CCP know that is what we are going to be feeding into the system.

8. Running Import Steps

To finish off, simply scroll down to "Step 8", which is used exclusively for importing stock numbers. You don't have to worry about any other fields being changed. Click "Import Stock" to continue. Once done, the status with show as "complete" and any errors will be listed with the relevant product SKU's, so you can easily find them on your sheet and correct them.

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