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CCP - QuickBooks Integration

Integrating QuickBooks accounting software with Cloud Commerce Pro

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This guide will walk you through the steps to integrate your QuickBooks accounting software with Cloud Commerce Pro

1. Admin Centre

From the admin centre in CCP click "Configuration" in the top right corner.

2. Configuration

Select "Accountancy" from the pop out menu on the left.

3. Accounting

On the Accounting page click "Edit" under QuickBooks.

4. QuickBooks Configuration

Now you can use information from your QuickBooks account to fill in the configuration page in CCP.

  1. To find your QuickBooks company ID, head over to QuickBooks and click Settings - Account and Settings - Billing and Subscriptions. Your company ID will be displayed as shown below.

  2. "Start Date" defines when you want CCP to integrate with QuickBooks.

4. Connect

Now you can click "Connect To QuickBooks" to begin the integration and create an access token.

5. QuickBooks Software

Your QuickBooks software will prompt you to select your company from a drop down list. Click "Next" to continue.

6. Successful Connection

You will be redirected back to CCP and presented with a message to let you know the integration has been successful.

7. Products & Services

For every one of your sales channels in CCP, you will need a Service Item set up in QuickBooks as well as postage and packaging income for that channel if required.

From the settings in QuickBooks select "Products and services" as shown below.

8. Service Items

A service item in QuickBooks will appear as below.

9. Service Item Setup

Complete the service item in QuickBooks as required. These will populate the drop down lists in the Service Item section for each sales channel in CCP.

10. Sales Channel Configuration

Now head back to CCP to your QuickBooks configuration in Accountancy. At the bottom you will find your sales channels listed. Click "Edit" besides a channel to configure it.

11. Sales Channel Configuration Continued

Bank accounts and payment gateway accounts appear in the drop downs in the Payments section at the bottom to be selected as required.

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