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CG - PDF Download: Group by Order or Group by Template
CG - PDF Download: Group by Order or Group by Template

Find out more about this handy new feature for controlling how PDF Templates are grouped when you generate multiple templates together

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This new update to the PDF Download feature will make it possible for users to have better control over how ChannelGrabber groups the templates you need to print if you have more than one template to generate at the same time.

For context, this has been a very popular request from CG users who are familiar with Royal Mail's Click & Drop system, where you can print a 6x4" courier label followed by a 6x4" packing slip/mini invoice on the following label (therefore saving paper and ink costs from printing additional documents on an A4 page/normal printer).

This new addition to ChannelGrabber will mean this is now possible to replicate this process for any courier connected with your ChannelGrabber account! Yay! :)

The previous method in CG would have generated one template for all selected orders then the next template for all selected orders, and this setting is still available as the Group by Template option if that is how you still prefer to work, for example:

Label for Order 123 > Label for Order 124 > Packing Slip for Order 123 > Packing Slip for Order 124 and so on...

The new option is now available under the Group by Order option, meaning, just like in Click & Drop, you can now generate a PDF arranged like this:

Label for Order 123 > Packing Slip for Order 123 > Label for Order 124 > Packing Slip for Order 124 and so on...

You will find both options, along with a list of all your existing template designs, under the PDF Download button on the Orders page:

First click the drop-down option on the button and select which order you want the documents to be arranged by:

Next select which templates you want to generate:

Added bonus:

CG will now save and remember your preferred options so you won't have to re-select these next time! :)

Lastly, click the Download button itself and your PDF file will be generated following the preference you have selected:

Important Note:

If you have not previously created a courier label template for this purpose, you might not see this option in your list. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Settings > Template Management > Template Designer and open a new Blank template:

2. Name your new template "6x4" Courier Label" or similar, so it's easy to identify:

3. Set the Paper Type as "6 x 4 Courier Label" and then flip the dimensions to 100 x 150 mm to make it portrait orientation:

4. Add the Courier Label element from the bottom of the Add Element list on the left:

5. Flip the Label Size to set it to portrait (4" x 6") on the right hand editing pane:

6. Click the Save button at the top of the page:

From now on, once you have generated your courier labels via the Ship interface, you can go Back to Orders and generate your new 6x4" Courier Label template along with your 6x4" Packing Slip template to get them in one continuous printout as per the steps in this guide above.

We hope this new addition to the system will help make your lives easier, as well as making the switch from shipping in Click & Drop to shipping in ChannelGrabber smoother and more familiar :)

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