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CCP - Troubleshooting - Mismatched SKU's & Unprocessed Orders
CCP - Troubleshooting - Mismatched SKU's & Unprocessed Orders

Troubleshooting problems re-mapping unprocessed orders in Cloud Commerce Pro

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Unprocessed orders crop up for everyone from time to time. These can be caused by a myriad of issues. This article will focus specifically on how mismatched SKU's can cause unprocessed orders, the problems they create with mapping, and most importantly, how to get around them.

1. Checking Errors

When you have unprocessed orders, the first thing you will want to do is check the stated error as this will give you the best idea of the problem. In this case the SKU that came in with the order doesn't appear to match anything in CCP.

You can check the mapping for that item by clicking the magnifying glass on the right as shown below.

2. Blank Mapping Screen

If you arrive at a blank mapping screen, that usually means the SKU that was brought in from the sales channel is not what CCP expected to find for that item.

Don't worry as this can be easily fixed in a few simple steps.

Now we need to find the item from the order. We can't search by SKU as the SKU we have does not match. Thankfully there are other methods which differ depending on which sales channel you are using. For example, items on Ebay can be searched by title and listing ID, where as Amazon has title, ASIN and barcode.

4. Un-mapping

When you find your problem item you need to un-map it so we can re-do the process.

Hover your mouse over "Actions" and click "Un-Map this item".

5. Refetch

With your listing un-mapped we can now bring it back into the system from the sales channel. Find your product with any other un-mapped ones you might have and again, hover over "Actions" and click "Refetch Listing".

6. Re-mapping

Your listing should now display with the same SKU as your sales channel allowing you re-map it to the relevant inventory item in CCP.

7. Unprocessed Orders

With your mapping fixed and your SKU's in order, you can head back over to the unprocessed orders section to push those stuck orders into your order dispatch.

Either click the circular arrow button besides the specific listing you want to retry or simply click "Retry All" at the top of the page.

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