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CCP - Troubleshooting - EPOS Till Printer Issues
CCP - Troubleshooting - EPOS Till Printer Issues

Ghost printers causing the EPOS till printer to fail and how to fix it

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This guide will look at how ghost printers, old printers left on the system, can interfere with the print queue and how to fix it.

1. Run

To fix this issue you need to remove the old printer from your devices registry. In windows hold the Windows Key + R to open the run dialogue box.

2. Regedit

To open the registry editing tool in Windows type "regedit" into the run dialogue box and click OK to continue.

3. Registry Editor

You should now see the registry editor tool. Click "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" to continue.


Drill down further and click "SYSTEM".

5. CurrentControlSet

Next click "CurrentControlSet".

6. Control

Now click "Control".

7. Print

Continue to drill in by clicking "Print".

8. Printers

Finally click "Printers" to see a list of all printers associated with this device. Now you can find the old printer that is no longer in use, right click it and select delete. Close the registry editor window when complete.

9. Restarting Services

Next we need to restart the print spooler. Press Windows + R again to bring up the run dialogue box and type "services.msc". Click OK to continue.

10. Print Spooler

The services application will show all currently running services in alphabetical order. Locate "Print Spooler" and right click it. First click "Stop" to ensure the process halts and then "Restart".

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