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CCP - Troubleshooting - Missing Orders
CCP - Troubleshooting - Missing Orders

Steps you can take yourself to diagnose the cause of orders missing from Cloud Commerce Pro

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It is incredibly frustrating when orders are not feeding in from your sales channels to Cloud Commerce Pro. Sometimes this might be caused by complex issues, but more often than not, the solution is quite simple. Here are some handy troubleshooting tips for missing orders that can let you beat the support queues and get you back to work.

1. Admin

The first thing to check is to ensure the sales channel you are having trouble with is configured correctly. From the admin centre in Cloud Commerce Pro click "Configuration" in the top right corner.

2. Configuration

From the pop-out menu on the left click "Selling" and then navigate to the sales channel you are having trouble with. In this example we will be using Ebay. Click "Accounts" under the sales channel to continue.

3. Seller Accounts

This is the backend of your sales channel in CCP. Different channels display slightly differently here due to the differing needs of each channel. For the sake of our troubleshooting, all should have these same elements for you to check.

Ensure the channel is enabled as shown below. Also make sure there is NO tick next to "Don't fetch orders".

4. Back To Admin

Now that you have eliminated the backend of your sales channel as the culprit for your missing orders, we can now check to see if they ended up in unprocessed orders.

From the admin centre click "Unprocessed Orders" to continue.

5. Unprocessed Orders

Here you will find orders that failed to process due to various errors. Check the error as shown below to get an idea of the problem. This might be something you can fix yourself, but at the very least you can use this to give our support team the best chance of diagnosing and fixing your missing orders in good time.

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