CCP allows you to manage your inventory between your online sales channels and your bricks and mortar stores. What better way to efficiently serve customers than our integrated EPOS till system. Every till needs individual users setting up so you can effectively manage your staff and day to day operations.

This guide will walk you through the process of assigning users to your EPOS till system.

1. Admin Centre

First of all we need to ensure the user is added in CCP and the correct permissions are given them to use the EPOS system. From the Admin Centre click "Configuration" in the top right of the screen.

2. Configuration

A drop down options menu will appear on the left of the screen. First click "General" to drill into that section and then click "Permissions".

3. Permissions

On the permissions page, navigate to and click "Users" on the left. A list of all the current users will be displayed. From here you can either edit an existing user by clicking "Settings" next to the user in question or create a new user by clicking "Add User" on the right.

4. New User

A dialogue box will appear allowing you to add a username, password and pin number appropriate for the user you wish to add. Also ensure to click the drop down besides Login Type and select "Epos Manager" as this is required for them to access the EPOS system. Click "Save" at the bottom to confirm your choices and return to the previous window.

5. Admin Centre

Navigate back to the Admin Centre. This time click "EPOS" near the top of the menu.

6. EPOS Till List

Select your till from the EPOS Till List as shown and click it to continue.

7. EPOS Till Details

Once you've opened your EPOS Till Details click "Assign Users" on the right.

8. EPOS Till Users

The EPOS Till User Details page shows a list of any and all users currently added. Click "Create New Assignment" to begin adding a new user.

9. New Assignment

A dialogue box will appear with a drop down menu of potential users to add to the till system. Select the name from the list then click "Assign" to confirm your choice.

10. Viewing New User

Your new user will now be displayed on the EPOS Till User Details page allowing them to log into your EPOS till system whenever needed.

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