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CCP - Troubleshooting - Warehouse Stock Import Error
CCP - Troubleshooting - Warehouse Stock Import Error

A common stock import error for customers using the complex warehousing system in Cloud Commerce Pro

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If you use complex warehousing in Cloud Commerce Pro you have a global stock level, but also stock assigned to each bay. These figures are updated using Product Imports, specifically running Step 8.

When importing your stock updates, you might encounter an error like the one shown below. This means the stock levels assigned to your bay does not match the global stock level. However, you can use this error message to easily track down the problem.

The product SKU is shown, in this case "0981111" as well as "row: 2" where it was found.

Now open your spreadsheet and use that information to navigate to the source of the problem. Below you can see the VAR_Stock figure for row 2 is not the same as the figure under VAR_Bays.

Simply correct the anomaly, re-import the spreadsheet and run Step 8 once more.

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