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CCP - Magento 2 - Listing Products Manually From Your Inventory
CCP - Magento 2 - Listing Products Manually From Your Inventory

How to create single and multi-listings on a Magento 2 website from your Cloud Commerce Pro inventory

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This guide will walk you through the process of preparing and listing products on Magento 2.

1. Admin Centre

First of all we need to prepare your product for Magento 2. If you are confident your product is already configured, skip to step 7.

Click "Products" to continue.

2. Product Ranges

Click "Search" to open the keyword search box to find the product that needs configuring.

3. Product Page

Initially you will be brought to the product variation that you clicked on. Drill backwards to arrive at the product range.

From here click "Option Links".

4. Range Options

The correct range options very much depend on the layout of your website and the product you are listing. For example, if you were listing a range of t-shirts that are all the same design but in different sizes, you would want to select "Size" as an option so a different size can be selected for each one.

Once you're happy with your selections, click "Close" to continue.

5. Product Range

Scroll down and navigate to one of your product variations and click to edit it in more detail.

6. Edit Variation

On the product variation you can click "Edit" to set values for the option links you set in the previous step.

7. Admin Centre

Now your products are ready for Magento 2, you can head back to the Admin Centre and click "Selling".

8. Sales Channel List

From the sales channel list, navigate to your Magento 2 channel and click it to continue.

9. Sales Channel

You can find the product you want to add either by using the search box or browsing through your categories.

10. Excluded Product

When you find your product you should notice that the toggle slider shows it as excluded to indicate this is not currently added to Magento 2.

Click "Create Range Listing".

11. Listing Details

Here you can set up the basics of your new listing.

  1. If your product is a multi-listing like in this example, it is important to check the box for "Create Configurable". This will create a parent product that the variations are linked to.

  2. This box indicates that you want to push out that particular variation. By default these will all be selected, but if you don't want to list your entire range, simply un-tick it here.

  3. You can also edit prices and stock levels here as required. This can be done at any time. Click "Save" at the bottom when you are happy with your choices.

12. Adding Products

A dialogue box will display the progress of your product push until it is complete.

13. Listing Included

Now your listing will show on the sales channel slightly differently. You will notice the toggle slider now shows "included" and your listing has new options besides it.

The pound sign button will take you back to the previous screen to edit prices and stock levels etc.

Click the pencil button to further edit your listing.

14. Edit Listing

The listing editor gives you even more control over your listing. Things like item name and description can be altered here without it effecting other sales channels. This is perfect if you like your products to display in different ways across your various channels.

15. Edit Listing Continued

Scroll down the page of the listing editor and you will see your Magento 2 categories which will give you control over where on your website your listing will display.

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