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CCP - Import / Export - Supplier SKU's

Updating your supplier SKU's via spreadsheet

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This guide will walk you through the process of editing your supplier SKU's in bulk via spreadsheet using the Import / Export tool in Cloud Commerce Pro.

1. Admin Centre

From the admin centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click "Suppliers".

2. Supplier List

First we need to export a spreadsheet of your supplier information so we can make the changes needed.

Click "Exports" from the supplier list screen.

3. Supplier Export

  1. On the supplier export screen, click "Export Suppliers". This triggers Cloud Commerce Pro to generate your spreadsheet.

  2. Once complete it will show in the list at the bottom. Press F5 to refresh your screen if this does not update automatically.
    Hover your mouse over "Actions" for more options.

4. Actions Menu

On the pop out actions menu, click "Download Spreadsheet" and save it to your device.

You can rename your spreadsheet at this point to something more recognisable if required.

5. Spreadsheet

After saving your spreadsheet, open it up to make your edits. Each supplier has multiple columns for various pieces of data. Navigate to the supplier SKU column as shown below and change or remove any SKU's as required.

Once you're done, save your spreadsheet to continue.

6. Supplier List Continued

Now head back to the supplier list screen from earlier. We need to begin importing your edited spreadsheet back into Cloud Commerce Pro.

Click the "Imports" button.

7. Imports Screen

  1. Click the "Upload Spreadsheet" button and find your spreadsheet on your device to load your new spreadsheet into Cloud Commerce Pro.

  2. Once uploaded your spreadsheet will show at the top of the list. Tick the box under "Use" to signify that you want to use this specific spreadsheet for your import.

8. Import Step

Scroll down the import steps to find "Step 24: Supplier Import".

Click the "Update Supplier Links" button to begin your import. Allow the import some time to complete and press F5 to refresh the page to update the status.

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