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CCP - Converting Single Products To Multipacks
CCP - Converting Single Products To Multipacks

How to convert a single product variation to a multipack in Cloud Commerce Pro

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For many retailers, multipacks are an essential tool allowing them to sell groups of items that are also sold individually while controlling stock levels and preventing over-selling. If a multipack has not been configured correctly and has ended up as a single variation, there is no need to worry. Cloud Commerce Pro has a quick and easy method to convert the product and turn it into the multipack you require in just a few simple steps.

For a guide on how to convert multipacks to single items, click the button below.

1. Admin Centre

From the admin centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click "Products" to continue.

2. Product Ranges

Search for the product that you want to convert to a multipack using the search box provided, or browse for it from the list below.

3. Products

Find the single variation you want to create from the product range and click it to continue.

4. Product Variation

On the product variation screen, hover your mouse over the "Actions" tab for advanced options related to your product.

5. Actions Menu

At the bottom of the actions menu, click "Convert To Multipack" to begin your conversion.

6. Package Configuration

The package configuration screen allows you begin building your new multipack. Click "Add Item" to start adding the products that will make up the multipack.

7. Select Package Item

Here you can search for the product range that contains the items you want to add to the multipack. Use the search box provided, or browse using the alphabetised list.

8. Product Range

When you find the product range you want to use, click it to display a drop down list of all the product variations contained within that range.

Click a variation to add it to your multipack.

9. Add Item

After choosing your variation you will be prompted with a confirmation.

10. Pack Configuration Continued

Keep adding items to your multipack as described above until you have all that you need. Once complete you can tweak the multipack to ensure it works as desired.

  1. Enter the package price here. This is the total NET price for the multipack.

  2. This is the approximate percentage of the product that makes up the multipack. You can divide this however you want, but it must add up to 100% in the end.

  3. If your multipack contains multiple quantities of any of the items, set this here.

  4. Once you are happy with your multipack configuration, click "Save" at the bottom.

11. Confirmation

After saving, you will be met by a confirmation dialogue to inform you that your changes have been saved.

12. New Multipack

You will now be returned to the product variation that you have just converted. You can review the contents of your new multipack on the product variation screen by scrolling down to the "Multipack Contents" section.

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