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CCP - Switching Off Pseudo Stock In Bulk
CCP - Switching Off Pseudo Stock In Bulk

How to switch off pseudo stock for any listing using spreadsheets in Cloud Commerce Pro

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This guide will walk you through the process of switching off pseudo / artificial stock in bulk using spreadsheets and the import / export tool.

1. Admin Centre

From the admin centre, click "Products" to continue.

2. Product Ranges

First we need to generate a spreadsheet in order to edit pseudo stock. Click "Exports" button from the product ranges page.

3. Exports

Scroll down the page until you find the pseudo stock export section. Click the "Export Pseudo Stock" button to generate your new spreadsheet.

4. Export Options

You can tailor your export to your needs by setting it to export a certain sales channel, supplier, pseudo stock type, pseudo stock status and real stock levels. You also have the option of leaving them all as default, which will create a complete export of your inventory.

5. Actions Menu

Your new spreadsheet will show in the list below. Once the status reaches "Complete" you are able to download it. Hover your mouse over "Actions" and select "Download Spreadsheet".

Save your new spreadsheet on your device and open once you are done.

6. Spreadsheet

Each sales channel has a Pseudo_Type column that controls how pseudo stock functions for that particular product on that channel.

To turn pseudo stock off for a product simply put a "0" (zero) in this field as shown below.

Save your spreadsheet once more and head back to the Products page in Cloud Commerce Pro.

7. Product Ranges Continued

Back on the products screen, this time click "Imports" so we can begin feeding your updated spreadsheet back into the system.

8. Imports

First we need to upload the spreadsheet so we can use it to push new information out to your sales channel.

Click the "Upload Spreadsheet" button at the top of the page.

9. Selecting Spreadsheet

Your newly uploaded spreadsheet will appear at the top of the list. Check the box beside "Use" to let the system know this is the spreadsheet we will be using to import data into Cloud Commerce Pro.

10. Import Step

Finally, scroll down the page and find "Step 21" and hit the "Import Pseudo Stock" button. Your import will now run and turn off pseudo stock for any products on any sales channels you selected on the spreadsheet without altering anything else.

For more general guides on setting pseudo stock, click the links below:

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