This guide will walk you through the process of how to manually create a manifest for your Royal Mail shipments using the Order Dispatch screen in Cloud Commerce Pro.

1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre menu, click the "Order Dispatch" button.

2. Order Dispatch

Welcome to the Order Dispatch view. Near the top you will find the main function tabs. The "Shipments" tab actively displays how many shipments you currently have. Hover your mouse over the Shipments tab for more options.

3. Shipments Menu

While hovering your mouse over the Shipments menu, click "Show Shipments" to continue.

4. Shipments For Today

Here you will find a list of your couriers and any shipments you have for them currently. Click the "Create Manifest" button beside Royal Mail Intersoft to instantly generate your new manifest.

Note, if your manifest does not print, check your print queue to make sure it is not behind other jobs. Also, manifests are A4 documents, so ensure you have a printer connected that can print this size.

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