An Ebay access token allows Cloud Commerce Pro access to your account in order for them to properly integrate. Generated tokens only last for a limited amount of time and will need to be regenerated to keep the service running.

Cloud Commerce Pro will always attempt to warn you in advance of your Ebay token expiring, allowing you time to generate a new one before the service is interrupted.

This guide will walk you through the steps required to generate your new token.

1. Admin Centre

First of all, you MUST log out of the all Ebay accounts. Ensure you know your username and password so you can log back in afterwards without issue.

Once you have logged out, head over to the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro and click "Configuration" on the top right of the screen.

2. Configuration Options

A pop-out menu will show on the left side of the screen. First click "Selling", then drill down into "Ebay" and finally "Accounts".

3. Ebay Accounts

Here your Ebay account information and how it interacts with Cloud Commerce Pro can be edited. Scroll down to the Access Token section and click the "Get Token" button to generate your new token.

4. Ebay Login Confirmation

As mentioned at the start, it is imperative that you log out of your Ebay accounts to ensure the correct one is linked to Cloud Commerce Pro.

5. Re-activation Reminder

Once your new token has been generated, Ebay will be deactivated in Cloud Commerce Pro. We will look at re-activating the accounts in Step 7.

6. Ebay Sign In

After clicking OK on the previous confirmation dialogue, you will be re-directed to Ebay. Sign in to your account to finalise the creation of your new token. It is important you complete this step, otherwise no new token will be generated.

7. Re-activating Ebay

Finally, head back to your Ebay account settings in Cloud Commerce Pro where we started. Make sure to restart all of your Ebay channels by ticking the box beside "Enabled" and ensure there are no ticks next to the other options, unless you have good reason to be using those features.

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