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CCP - Print Queue - View & Save Print Documents

How to view documents or save CSV's in your print queue

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This guide will walk you through the process of viewing documents in the print queue as well as saving CSV files that are queued or have been printed previously.

1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the "Print Queue" button.

2. Print History

If you have any un-printed jobs in the queue, these will display at the top of the page. Completed print jobs appear further down the page. Regardless of whether the document you want to view has been printed or not, they can both be viewed in the same way.

Find the print job you want to view and hover your mouse over the "Actions" tab for more options.

3. Actions Menu

On the Actions Menu, click "View".

4. PDF Document View

Most documents will display in your browser if you have Adobe Acrobat.

5. Save Documents

Not all documents can be viewed directly in your browser such as CSV files. This is because they are spreadsheets that require software like Microsoft Excel to display. Instead, CSV files can be saved to your device and viewed from there.

When viewing the Actions menu for a document in CSV format, instead of "View" you will see "Save". Click this to save the CSV to your device.

6. CSV File

Open your CSV in your preferred spreadsheet software to view and edit it.

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