Occasionally a job may have been printed by a user that is not logged in to the Print Watch software. These jobs will wait in the queue for the user to log their Print Watch desktop software in.

If another user wishes to print the job, they can login and use the print queue to transfer ownership of the job to them. This guide will show you how this is done.

1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre menu in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the "Print Queue" button.

2. Print History

Find the print job you want to transfer. Both printed and un-printed documents can be transferred.

Hover your mouse over the "Actions" tab next to the print job for more options.

3. Actions Menu

From the Actions menu, press "Transfer" to immediately transfer that printing job to the current user.

4. Confirmation

A box will appear to confirm the transfer is complete and successful. If the document is still queued, it will now print at the first opportunity. If this was an already completed print, it will now be possible to re-print it from the Actions menu.

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