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CCP - Product Sales History
CCP - Product Sales History

Two simple ways to check the sales history of a product in Cloud Commerce Pro

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Cloud Commerce Pro contains a wealth of reporting information so you can find any details about your products, sales or customers with ease. But what if you simply want to see the amount of times a specific product has sold? Leafing through reports to find this would be extremely time consuming.

This guide will show you two very simple ways you can find a product's sales history in no time at all.

1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre menu in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the "Products" button.

2. Product Ranges

On the Product Ranges screen you can either click "Search" to find your product or use the alphabetised filters.

3. Product Range

After clicking your product, you will reach the Product Range screen which contains all the variations of this product.

Scroll down and click the "Stock Control Report" button.

4. Audit Trail

Here you will find a multitude of useful information about your product, including sales and stock movement. The total sales for each variation are shown in the Range Summary section as shown below.

5. Method II - Admin Centre

Alternatively, you can find your sales history via Cloud Commerce Pro's reporting suite.

Click the "Reports" button from the Admin Centre menu.

6. Report List

Scroll down the list of reports until you find and click the "Stock Control Report".

7. Search Report

Use the box provided to search on the SKU of the product you want a report on.

8. Stock Control Report

The stock control report shows details of the product exactly as the audit trail from the product did in the steps earlier.

The total sales are displayed in the Range Summary section as shown below.

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