This guide will walk you through the process of moving a product from one range to another using drag and drop mode on the Product Manager screen. For example, if you had two ranges of products and one range had small, medium and large and the other range had the extra large in it by accident, then you could merge these two together using the move products function.

1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre menu in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the "Product Manager" button.

2. Product Manager

In order to use drag and drop mode, you need to have both ranges display on the screen together. You can do this either by searching for a keyword they both share or by searching for the SKU's of both ranges separated by a semicolon.

3. Activate Drag and Drop Mode

To activate drag and drop mode, click the target icon as shown below.

4. Drag and Drop Operation

A box will appear giving you the chance to select which drag and drop option you want to activate. Click "Select" below "Move Products".

5. Dragging and Dropping

You can now click and hold the product you want to move and drag it over to the range you want to add it to. You can drag more products if you wish to move more than one at once.

6. Move to Range

After you've dropped your product, you will notice a new tab appear below the product you dropped it on. Hover your mouse over the overflow menu (three vertical dots) to display the "Move To Range" button. Click this to continue.

7. Move Products Wizard

This is the move products wizard. This allows you to control some of the details of the product being moved, such as the product options. Don't worry if you need to add more options to the product as you can visit it later to add them in.

Click "Move Products" to finalise your choice. This process can take a moment or two as the product needs to be delinked from any sales channel listings before it can be moved.

8. Moved Product

Back on the Product Manager screen you can now see the product you moved displays a different range name indicating the move was a success.

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