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CCP - Order Synchronisation Tool
CCP - Order Synchronisation Tool

Synchronise orders dispatched directly on Amazon and Ebay to show as dispatched in Cloud Commerce Pro

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For various reasons, you may sometimes find it necessary to dispatch an order directly on Amazon or Ebay rather than in Cloud Commerce Pro. But if that order has fed into Cloud Commerce Pro, it will now sit in your dispatch queue despite already being dispatched.

At times like these you need the Order Synchronisation Tool - a simple, user friendly method to bring some consistency to your dispatch queue.

1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the "Configuration" button in the top right corner.

2. Configuration

On the Configuration screen you will see a pop-out menu on the left. Click "Setup" to drill into that section and then click "Remove Dispatched".

3. Order Synchronisation Tool

Here the Order Synchronisation Tool will scan orders waiting to be dispatched on your Amazon and Ebay sales channels. Click the "Start Processing" button to begin the search.

4. Searching

If you have a substantial amount of orders, it can take a moment for them to all be processed. The progress should continue to update so you can be sure everything is working correctly.

5. Remove Dispatched

When the processing completes, the tool will populate a list of orders that have been dispatched on a Amazon or Ebay sales channel.

Simply check the box beside any order you want to sync and mark as dispatched in Cloud Commerce Pro before clicking the "Mark Selected As Dispatched" button.

6. Undispatched Orders

Additionally you can view a list of currently undispatched orders on those channels. Click the "Show Orders Awaiting Dispatch" button.

7. Currently Awaiting Dispatch

Now a similar list of undispatched orders will populate at the bottom of the screen for review.

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