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CCP - Warehouse - Moving Stock Between Bays (Complex)
CCP - Warehouse - Moving Stock Between Bays (Complex)

How to move stock between warehouse bays when using Complex warehouse mode in Cloud Commerce Pro

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This guide will walk you through the process of moving stock between bays in your warehouse when using Complex warehouse mode in Cloud Commerce Pro without the use of a scanner.

1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre menu in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the "Products" button.

2. Product Ranges Screen

On the product ranges screen either find your product using the search function or browse for it using the alphabetised menu.

3. Product Range

Once you have found and opened your product, select which variation you want to move.

4. Product Variation

On the right of the product variation screen you will find information on the products stock level. Click "Edit" to continue.

5. Edit Stock

Here you will see a list of all the bay locations assigned to this product. The total stock is shown, along with any that are currently allocated, picked and available.

On the right is a column titled "New" which allows you to edit the total stock in that particular bay. You can use this column to move stock between bays by subtracting it from one and adding it to another.

For example; you might currently have 4 of an item in your returns bay, but 2 have been inspected and need to be put back with the rest of the stock in Bay_1 for future allocation. All you need to do is change the total in the returns bay from 4 to 2 and change Bay_1 from 28 to 30.

After making your changes, ensure you click the "Save Stock Levels" button to finalise your stock movements.

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