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How to activate Amazon VCS in Cloud Commerce Pro

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This guide will walk you through the process of activating Amazon VCS (VAT Calculation Service) in Cloud Commerce Pro.

Sellers using Amazon VCS will automatically generate VAT invoices that can be downloaded directly by B2B customers, making it easier for them to shop with you. You will also display VAT-exclusive pricing to business customers, giving you a higher chance of winning the Buy Box among business customers.

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1. Admin Centre

From admin centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click "Configuration" in the top right corner.

2. Configuration Menu

From the configuration menu on the left of the screen you need to first click "Selling" to drill down into that section. Then click "Amazon" to drill down a bit more before finally clicking "Accounts".

3. Amazon Accounts

Scroll down to the "Amazon VCS (VAT Calculation System)" section.

First of all you need to use the drop down box to select what mode you intend to use:

  • Off - Turns Amazon VCS off

  • Full - Allows VAT invoices to be generated by Amazon alone

  • Lite - Generates VAT invoices with your Cloud Commerce Pro header, but using Amazon date

  • IDU - Generates VAT invoices with your Cloud Commerce Pro header and Cloud Commerce Pro data

Once you have picked a mode to suit your needs, be sure to put a check in the tick box to turn on the feature.

Once configured invoices will automatically be uploaded to Amazon when the orders is dispatched within CCP.

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