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CCP - Step 5 Import error: Expecting Text File From Zip File
CCP - Step 5 Import error: Expecting Text File From Zip File

What to do when seeing errors on the import screen when updating descriptions in bulk

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When updating products in bulk via spreadsheets and running through the import steps, it's not unusual see errors pop up. This is usually because of mistakes in the data you are uploading. However the error will always point you in the direction of the problem, so you can get it fixed.

This guide will cover a specific error that can occur when running step 5 of the import screen and how to resolve it. If you are seeing errors similar to the ones pictured below, don't worry as this can be easily worked out.

While all this looks rather complicated, the key here is the first part of the error:

"Expecting text file from Zip File..."

What Zip file? Herein lies the issue and how we work around it. You are importing data about your products from a spreadsheet, but each cell of the sheet has a character limit. While this is more than you'll need 99% of the time, sadly product descriptions can get quite long, especially as they usually include a lot of HTML code for the styling.

To get around this limitation of spreadsheet technology, Cloud Commerce Pro generates a supporting Zip file which contains a text file with the extra long product descriptions. You don't need to edit this file at all. All you need to do is make sure you generate it when exporting your spreadsheet and then re-upload it with the edited spreadsheet when you come to import again. We will go over how that is done below.

1. Export

Head to the product export page and hover your mouse over the "Actions" tab to download your spreadsheet. If you have descriptions that are too long, you will notice there is a second option to "Download ZipFile".

Download and save these two files in the same place on your computer. It is imperative that they both have the exact same filename.

2. Upload Spreadsheet

When you come to import your products back into CCP and head over to the import screen and click "Upload Spreadsheet" as you normally would.

3. Upload Zip File

Your spreadsheet should now show at the top of the list of uploaded items.

Now click "Upload Zipfile".

4. Import Spreadsheet

If all steps have been followed correctly, you will now see "Support Text Zip File" showing against your uploaded spreadsheet. As these both have the same file name, the system knows to use them together.

Now simply check the box under "Use" and run any of the import steps that you require as you normally would.

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