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CCP - Shipping Rules: Weight Rules
CCP - Shipping Rules: Weight Rules

How to add weight rules to your shipping rules in Cloud Commerce Pro

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This guide will cover how to add weight rules to your shipping rules in Cloud Commerce Pro.

This guide assumes you are already familiar with creating and editing shipping rules. If you need more general information on shipping, please consult the guide below:


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the "Configuration" button.

2. Configuration Menu

On the configuration menu, first click "Shipping" to drill into that section and then click "Rules".

3. Select Rule

Find the shipping rule you want to add a weight rule to and click the "Edit" button.

4. Edit Shipping Rule

Head to the bottom for the "Add New Rule" section.

Use the first drop down on the left to select either:

  • Weight in GM - The total weight of the shipment

  • Max Weight in GM - The maximum weight of a single item

The second drop down controls the operation of the rule. For a weight rule you can choose between the majority of these, so pick that one that best fits what you want this rule to achieve. For example, by default ">" is selected which denotes "greater than".

5. Enter Weight

The box on the far right is reserved for the value of the rule, in this case our weight which MUST be entered in grams.

6. Add Rule & Save

With all the details of your rule complete you can click the "Add" button. It will now show in the list of included rules.

Remember to hit the "Save" button to lock in your new weight rule.

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