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CCP - Whistl Error: Remote IP Address Is Not Whitelisted
CCP - Whistl Error: Remote IP Address Is Not Whitelisted

What to do when you get a whitelisting error while dispatching with Whistl

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The whitelisting error when dispatching with Whistl is when the IP address you are using is not recognised by the firewall on Whistl’s system, which is there to protect them from malicious attacks. This can happen if you're logging on from a different location or a new device, or if you are using software to hide your IP address such as a VPN.

The error will look something like this below:

Unfortunately as the problem lies with Whistl, we are not able to fix this for you. Instead you should contact a representative a Whistl and give them a copy of the error. They will understand the problem and add the new IP to their whitelist.

This usually takes a few hours to take effect, but can take up to 24 hours.

If you are using a VPN, it is recommended to disable it while using Whistl.

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