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CCP - Adding Product Handling Time In Bulk
CCP - Adding Product Handling Time In Bulk

How to add or edit product handling time in bulk using spreadsheets

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Handling time, sometimes referred to as fulfilment latency, is the number of business days between when you receive payment for an item and when you ship it. Under normal circumstances this is done on a ASAP basis and, generally speaking, all of your items would have the same handling time. But what if you sell a product that requires assembly or customisation before it can be dispatched? This is where product based handling times enter play.

While handling time can be changed in CCP via the Products screen, if you have many products that require it, changing them in bulk will get the job done in no time with minimum effort.


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the "Products" button.

2. Products

On the Product Ranges screen, click "Exports" to continue.

3. Product Exports

In order to make changes or additions to your products in bulk, you need to edit them on a spreadsheet.

To ensure you are working with the most up to date information, click "Export Products" to generate a fresh spreadsheet of your inventory.

4. Actions Menu

Your new spreadsheet will appear at the top of the list when it has completed exporting.

Hover your mouse over the "Actions" tab and click "Download Spreadsheet". Save it to your device in a convenient location. Feel free to rename it to something memorable to help you distinguish it from any other spreadsheets you might be working on.

Once you've saved the spreadsheet, open it up in your preferred editor such as Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc or Google Sheets.

5. Spreadsheet

When you open your spreadsheet, navigate to the column headed "VAR_HandlingTime".

Simply change the value for each SKU based on the number of days handling time that product requires. This value should either be 0 or a positive integer.

When you have entered all the handling time changes, save the spreadsheet and head back to the Products screen in Cloud Commerce Pro.

6. Product Ranges

Back on the Product Ranges screen, click the "Imports" button to continue.

7. Product Imports

To begin, we need to upload the spreadsheet to ready it for importation.

Click the "Upload Spreadsheet" button and follow the prompts to select the edited spreadsheet on your device where you saved it.

8. Use Spreadsheet

Once your new spreadsheet has been uploaded to the system it will show at the top of the list of available items.

Tick the box under "Use" to mark your new spreadsheet for importation.

9. Import

Once you have selected your spreadsheet, to import this data into CCP, you'll have to first run this through Step 5 which you can find by scrolling down the page. Once you have located this step, click on "Import Variations" to begin the import.

If you want to also push this data out to a sales channel, you'll have to also run your selected spreadsheet through Step 13, which can be found further down the page. Once you have located this step, click on "Add To Channel" and select the channel that you want to push this data out to.

Once this Step 13 import has completed, you'll have to contact the Support Team who will then be able to push this data out to your channel for you.

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