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How to manifest shipments on Intersoft's iShipper web portal

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This guide will walk you through the process of manifesting on Intersoft's iShipper web portal and explain some of it's basic functionality.


1. Dashboard

After logging into iShipper, you will arrive on the dashboard. If you see a number under "New Shipments" that means you have processed shipments waiting to be manifested.

From the side menu, click "Shipment Processing" to continue.

2. Shipment Processing

The Shipment Processing screen is split between processed and unprocessed shipments. Those that are processed are ready to be manifested.

From here you can simply click the "Closeout" button to manifest every processed shipment on the account.

Alternatively, if you need to hold the shipments in an unmanifested state so you can wait for more in order to accrue any agreed upon bulk shipping discounts, do so by clicking "Hold all shipments".

Certain actions can be performed on the shipments individually. To view a list of all the processed shipments, click "View Shipments" to continue.

3. View Shipments

Here you will see a list of all the currently processed shipments awaiting manifesting.

You can hold or cancel individual or multiple shipments by checking the tick box besides them and pressing the "Hold Shipments" or "Cancel Shipments" buttons.

4. Manifesting By Service

Alternatively, shipments can be show by their service and manifested individually for each service.

Return to the Shipment Processing screen and click "Show Services".

5. Services View

Your shipments will now be displayed grouped by their particular service. This gives you the option to view, hold or closeout the shipments for each service individually.

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