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CCP - Shopify: Listing Products Manually
CCP - Shopify: Listing Products Manually

How to manually push products out individually from Cloud Commerce Pro to a Shopify webstore

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This guide will walk you through the process of listing products to Shopify individually with Cloud Commerce Pro.


1. Data

Before you begin this process, you need to ensure your product data is in good shape and robust enough to make for a quality website listing. Clean product titles, detailed descriptions without clutter from other channels and clear images might all be optional, but it is better practice to think of them as necessities.

You also need to ensure you have set up Shopify categories in your product options and assigned them to the product range and variations. These must coincide with your website navigation.

For more information on creating Shopify categories, please read the guide below:


2. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the "Selling" button.

3. Sales Channel List

On the Sales Channel List, find your Shopify channel and click it to continue.

4. Sales Channel View

Use the search box provided to find the product you wish to list to Shopify.

Alternatively you can browse for it via your categories.

5. Select Product

After searching you will be taken to the category where that product resides.

Click the "Create Range Listing" button.

6. Sales Channel Detail

A range of options are available before listing your product range.

Use the check boxes to decide which variations you want to include.

Pseudo stock modes can be applied here if required as well as alternations to VAT rates and prices.

Once you are happy with these details, click the "Save" button.

7. Included Listing

Your products will now be pushed out to your sales channel. Once complete you will be taken back to the Sales Channel View and the category where your newly listed product resides.
Now you will notice the toggle on the right shows as "Included" to indicate this product range exists on the channel.

If you would like to view or edit your listings, click the "Create/View Listings" button.

8. Return To Sales Channel Detail

Click the "Main Listing Editor" button to check and make adjustments to your new listing.

9. Main Listing Editor

Here you can make adjustments to many aspects of your listing if required.

The "Products" box on the left displays which variation in the range you are currently viewing and editing. Click these to switch between them.

A green tick should appear next to each variation to indicate that it is live on your Shopify website. If a red cross is displayed, this means either the variation is in a queue to be pushed out or there is an issue preventing it from doing so. In this case, double check your configuration settings for the channel to ensure it is enabled and your token is active.

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