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CCP - Dispatch Troubleshooting: Ship From Location Not Specified
CCP - Dispatch Troubleshooting: Ship From Location Not Specified

What to do when getting errors related to "ship from location not specified" when dispatching orders

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If you receive an error relating to your ship from location not being specified when dispatching Amazon orders, it will usually mean your pickup address has not been configured correctly.

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue.


1. Admin Centre

From the admin centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click "Configuration" on the top right of the screen.

2. Configuration Options Menu

On the configuration options menu, click "General" to drill down into that section. Finally click "Organisation Details".

3. Organisation Details

Your currently configured addresses will appear on the right of the screen.

Each address has a stated type: Admin, billing, delivery, invoice and pickup. Check your current addresses for any pickup type addresses. If one exists, check that it matches the address you have given Amazon. If not, click "Edit" to change it to match.

If no pickup address exists, click the "Add" button in the addresses section.

4. Add Address

Enter your address exactly as it is found in Amazon. Login to your Amazon account and double check it there if you are not sure.

Ensure to set the address type to "Pickup" using the drop down provided.

Once everything is complete, hit the "Save" button to continue.

5. Configuration Options

The next step is to ensure your pickup address is set on the relevant Amazon shipping rules.

Head back to the configuration menu from earlier, but this time click "Shipping" to drill into that section. Now click "Rules".

6. Shipping Rules

Find the shipping rules related to your erroring Amazon orders and click "Edit" beside it.

7. Edit Shipping Rule

On the bottom right hand corner of your shipping rule you will find a drop down for "Pickup Address". Use it to select the pickup address from your organisation details.

Once done, click the "Save" button.

Your Amazon orders should no longer display a dispatch error. If the problem persists, ensure you have set the pickup address on all shipping rules required.

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