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CCP - Sales Channel Warehouse Connections
CCP - Sales Channel Warehouse Connections

How to set up inbound and outbound warehouse links for specific sales channels when using Complex warehouse mode

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By default, Cloud Commerce Pro operates a single stock level for both in-bound operations such as orders in from external or internal channels and out-bound operations such as listing stock updates.

If you require a more precise figure for stock dependant on the location of the order, or need to configure where the order is dealt with upon arrival, then you can configure warehouse links to control the throughput of stock on any of your sales channels.

Please note, this functionality is only relevant if you are using Complex warehousing mode. When using Simple or Simplex mode stock is recorded against your products, so it's not possible for stock to not be available from a certain location. In Complex mode stock is recorded against your warehouse bays.

For a closer look at the three warehouse modes in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the link below:


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the "Selling" button.

2. Sales Channel List

Select the sales channel you want to add warehouse links to from the channel list.

3. Sales Channel Details

After choosing your sales channel, click the "Warehouses" button to continue.

4. Selecting Inbound & Outbound Links

Here you can use the drop-down boxes to set your inbound and outbound warehouse links.

Inbound links are used to specify which warehouse is used for internal movements such as purchase orders.

Outbound links denote where orders will be dispatched from.

5. Warehouse Link Chain

You can add as many warehouse links as you need and they will display in the box below the drop-down.

Multiple warehouse links will be treat like a chain. If the top one in the list doesn't have enough stock, the next will be used and so on.

Press the X next to a warehouse link to remove it.

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