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CG - Importing HS Tariff Codes & Country of Manufacture in bulk
CG - Importing HS Tariff Codes & Country of Manufacture in bulk

Learn how to quickly upload HS Tariff Codes and Country of Manufacture to Channelgrabber in bulk

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HS Tariff Codes & Country of Manufacture needs to be sent to couriers when shipping internationally as part of the Brexit changes from January 2021. This data can be uploaded to the system in bulk using our Data Exchange.

  • First, create the CSV file you want uploaded with the relevant data input.

    Make sure to set Total stock to zero.
    Also make sure GB is used instead of UK where relevant.

  • Next, go to Data Exchange > Stock > Templates and create a Template, which tells the system how each field has been mapped in the csv file.

    The left field is what is on the CSV file as the header for each column.
    The right field is the corresponding field in ChannelGrabber to be updated.

  • Finally go to Data Exchange > Stock > Import

    Choose the file you want to upload.
    Choose the Template you set up, so the system knows what to update.
    Choose Add to stock level (this will ensure we add "0" to the total stock level for the upload, so it does not actually change).
    Click Upload to start the process.

This should run through and update all the SKUs present in the file with the relevant fields selected.

Please make sure that any files uploaded are not excessively large. It is easier to upload data in batches of a few thousand at a time to update everything.

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