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CG - IOSS - Changes to shipping post July 2021
CG - IOSS - Changes to shipping post July 2021

Details on IOSS changes implemented on July 1st 2021

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As you may be aware, there are changes to VAT that have been applied to Imports to the EU from 1st July 2021. Businesses and sellers can register for with IOSS (The Import One-Stop Shop) to help with the process of importing goods to the EU.

The benefit of this is as follows: for goods under EUR 150, the IOSS Number can be supplied to couriers when shipping to the EU. This number informs customs that tax has been paid for the shipment, and ensures that the buyer receiving an item does not then have to pay for VAT on top of what they have already paid when receiving an item.

Your business may have an IOSS number, which can be added to the system and relayed accordingly for shipments to the EU. Likewise, sites such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy will supply an IOSS number where appropriate.

You can read more about IOSS below:

This adjustment has resulted in a large number of changes for various selling platforms and couriers. As you may be aware, these changes have been very last minute from even the larger companies, so we have been working hard to get any changes in place.

Adding your IOSS Number to ChannelGrabber

To add your IOSS numbers to ChannelGrabber, go to My Account > Company under the Company Details section you can input your IOSS Number and save it.

If you have multiple Trading Companies, you can add an IOSS Number for each one further down the page by clicking Manage next to the relevant Trading Company, and saving the details there.

When it comes to creating a label for one of your orders, the IOSS Number will be sent to the Courier, where appropriate.

IOSS for Marketplaces

eBay, Amazon and Etsy are the three marketplaces that provide IOSS Numbers at this time. It is worth noting that these IOSS Numbers will not be visible in the system: but will be relayed to any couriers automatically whenever a label is created.

eBay and Amazon will have their own IOSS numbers. These should be pulled into the system from the Channel directly when an order is placed, and subsequently relayed to the relevant Courier electronically when a label is created.

Etsy have opted to provide their customers with the IOSS number directly. It looks as though it will be available for 1st July 2021 "under Orders & Delivery in Shop Manager". We have added this information to the back end of the system, so it will be relayed accordingly.

Amazon: IOSS alert on orders

We have been made aware of a message on Amazon accounts relating to IOSS:

"The shipment of IOSS orders must meet specific customs label requirements. If you are shipping directly to the customer, you must display the Amazon IOSS VAT identification number, VAT exclusive order value and Order ID on the shipping label. You must also provide this information to your shipping partner or customs broker. Please visit Tax Regulations - help page for more information."

We have had several customers ask about this, and we in turn have queried our couriers. Royal Mail, Hermes, DPD, Parcelforce have all stated that they are unaware of these requirements from Amazon and that they are fully compliant with the relevant guidelines that they have received for international shipping.

Our obligation is to these couriers: not to Amazon, so ChannelGrabber is fully compliant for IOSS Shipping. We are unable to make any changes ourselves unless the couriers adjust for this apparent requirement, and we will be happy to do so if they change their minds about this.

If you have concerns about this message from Amazon, you will need to raise this with either Amazon, or your courier as we have done all we can here at ChannelGrabber to draw their attention to this.

Future Work

We will be looking to add IOSS number data to our Data Exchange Template options for Orders. This will allow you to export IOSS numbers assigned to orders from the system and relay them to any third party couriers you use. Currently, this information will need to be retrieved from the relevant Channel directly, and manually input into and csv exports from the system.

If there are any concerns here, or anything you would like to ask about in relation to IOSS, please let us know and we will assist however we can!

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