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CCP - Creating & Dispatching Grouped Shipments
CCP - Creating & Dispatching Grouped Shipments

How to create a group shipment for a single customer in Cloud Commerce Pro

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The grouped shipments feature on the Order Dispatch screen allows you to create grouped shipments for a single customer as part of a single consignment. This guide will walk you through the steps required to use this powerful feature.


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the "Order Dispatch" button.

2. Order Dispatch Screen

On the Order Dispatch screen find the orders you want to group together.

Use the check box beside an order to select it before hovering your mouse over the "Actions" tab.

Remember, the orders must be for the same customer as all the orders in a group will be shipped to the same address.

3. Actions Menu

From the Actions Menu, click "Grouped Shipments" as shown below.

4. Primary Order

Here you can configure how you want your group shipments to behave.

First choose a primary order. This ensures the new consignment will be sent to the correct address.

5. Shipping Rules & Booking Time

The system will match the most relevant shipping rule to the group. If the shipping rule shown isn't what you required, click the top drop-down list to select a different one.

By default the group will be booked in with the courier on the same day. If you need to delay the shipment, click the bottom drop-down list to select a different date.

6. Dispatch Options

By default, after creating your grouped shipment the orders contained will be removed from the dispatch queue and any related sales channels will be updated to notify of the dispatch.

If for any reason you don't want these things to take place, uncheck the relevant box in the dispatch options section, as shown below.

7. Courier Rule Options

If you want to trigger the use of the maximum weight for your selected shipping rule, select this option by checking the box.

8. Complete Group Shipment

When you are happy with all of the details of your new shipment, click the "Group Shipments" button to action your changes.

9. Return To Order Dispatch Screen

Once you have grouped your shipments, you will be returned to the Order Dispatch screen to allow you to continue working.

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