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CCP - Activating eBay Comparative Pricing (Strikethrough Pricing)
CCP - Activating eBay Comparative Pricing (Strikethrough Pricing)

How to activate and set eBay comparative pricing in Cloud Commerce Pro

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This guide will walk you through how to active eBay's comparative pricing feature, better known as strikethrough pricing.

Currently comparative pricing is not accessible for all users. Please ensure you have permission to use this feature before attempting to use it. For more information, check the link below or contact eBay directly:


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the "Selling" button.

2. Sales Channel List

From the Sales Channel List, click the eBay channel you want to add a strikethrough price to.

3. Search For Product

Find the product you want to add the strikethrough price to either via the search box or by browsing your categories.

4. Product Listing Options

On the Product Listing Options modal, click the "Main Listing Editor" button.

5. Main Listing Editor

Scroll down the Main Listing Editor screen and find the Discounts section.

Change the drop down box to "Yes" to active strikethrough pricing.

As mentioned above, this functionality is only available to users who have strictly been given permission from eBay. As we have no control over this, please contact eBay if you want to check if your account is eligible.

6. Which Items To Apply To

You will be prompted to select which variations in the range you want to apply the strikethrough price to. By default all are selected.

Click "Save" to continue.

7. Setting Strikethrough Price

Use the text box beside "Strikethrough Price" to set the value you require. This represents the price the item was BEFORE it was discounted or the MSRP.

The drop-down below that allows you to select where the original price existed - Either on eBay itself or an external website.

After making your changes, ensure you press the "Save Changes" button to update your listings.

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