CCP - Re-Opening Orders

How to re-open complete orders in Cloud Commerce Pro

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For those times when your staff mark an order as completed when they hadn’t completely dispatched the order, or for other reasons, you can forcibly re-open an order and reprocess it.

While this feature shouldn't be needed for normal operation, it is a useful tool to use when things don't go to plan.


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the "Order Dispatch" button.

2. Order Dispatch

Use the search box provided and the order number to navigate to the order you want to re-open.

Once found, click the "Details" button.

3. Customer Order

As long as the order is already marked as complete, you will be shown the "Re-Open Order" button. Click this to continue.

4. Re-Open State

There are two options when re-opening orders depending on what state you would like them to be in.

The first open allows you to re-open the order while leaving any currently dispatched amounts still in place. This way you can amend the order without disturbing what has already been done if required.

The second option completely resets the order. This option will be used less commonly and she be used to great caution as it is irreversible and cannot amend any amounts already sent to external channels.

5. Order Reset / Re-Opened

After resetting or re-opening your order you will be met by a confirmation dialogue.

After clicking OK you will be returned to your re-opened order to make any changes required.

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